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Energy & Efficiency

BASE; as an acronym, was not established as an-easy-to-remember ‘catch-word’ of a greater marketing strategy. Its full extension; Building & Sustainable Environments, totally reflects the objectivity of the company in terms of its charter. It is committed to the cause of environmental sustainability; initially with cost effective and efficient products and/or methodologies to assist in the global reduction of the carbon footprint, and as technology develops, to an absolute focus upon renewable energy with no carbon footprint.

Currently, BASE (through a related affiliate company) is an authorized Victorian distributor of the ‘Infracomfort™’ infrared heating panel. It is simply a form of radiant energy that directly heats objects without the creation of air turbulence and uneven heat distribution. There are a multitude of health benefits associated with this form of heating, is certified not to interfere with wireless telecommunications or computer networks, is certified to Australian electrical safety standards, is available in several varying configurations and all aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and is massively cost effective when compared against its heating capacity equivalents of conventional electrical, oil, or gas-powered appliances.

We can supply and install to both the domestic and commercial markets.