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B-A-S-E is a prominent full service provider specializing in wireless communications site development, inclusive of construction, installation, and technical support. Part of our management team consists of construction professionals and installation technicians, some of whom, are qualified to teach. Their combined expertise and experience within the industry is immense and extends to technologies ranging from paging, two-way radio, mobile, microwave, wireless data, ultra high-frequency earth station transmission, and the emerging internet-application-based technologies.

We can install, connect, test and commission; strictly in accordance with client protocols and manufacturers specifications; the entire array of necessary communications equipment prior to the integration or reintegration of a specific site, into the wireless network.

From a site construction perspective, we can provide our clients with the option of either a full ‘turnkey’ service (Greenfield) or the provision of only certain components of the total service required.

Regardless, we are fully experienced, but not limited to, site preparation and grading, excavation, the construction of drilled, vibrated and spread foundations, tower erection (whether monopole, self-supporting, or guyed), antennae installation, and any other support/ancillary component installation.

We are equally adept at the placement of support infrastructure at other sites as well, such as rooftops or other pre-existing structures.

Whilst we are proud of our capabilities we are also acutely aware of our client’s need for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our project management skills are finely honed and deeply entrenched in-house. We deploy sophisticated quantitative measurement tools inclusive of critical path analysis to ensure that client’s projects are completed and delivered in a timely fashion and to the highest standards.