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About Us

The Company was incorporated in the State of Victoria on the 5th July, 2005 based solely upon the provision of rigging services to the telecommunications industry. Since that time, the company has grown rapidly through the expansion of its original core business and with the addition of a technical services role; that simply being an upward vertical integration from the rigging role, and even further, a site infrastructure construction role.

This growth would not have been possible without the company’s most important asset- its people.

We have been very fortunate in being able to acquire personnel who are multi-skilled and experienced not only within the industry itself, but also across a broad-spectrum of other industries; related or otherwise.

The benefits accruing to our clients have been enormous. After site acquisition, we have the capacity to deliver any project to the scheduled completion date (or better), within budget, and on a ‘full turnkey’ basis or any variation thereof. We will continue to strive for growth through our existing portfolio, through diversification, and most importantly, through our reputation in everything that we do.