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Building & Construction

B-A-S-E possesses personnel who are thoroughly experienced and qualified for the Building & Construction industry. The company’s focus is primarily upon the provision of project management services for developments that are of the nature of multi-storey residential and/or retail outlet projects.

We can provide a range of services to our clients at any stage of a development project consisting of-
    • Pre-construction
    • The construction period itself
    • Post construction


We accept commissions from our clients to do all that is necessary to procure planning permits.

We have the capacity to act as an intermediary between the client and the client’s financier and/or the Quantity Surveyor appointed by the financier to assist in the formulation of all aspects of financial accommodation.

Depending upon the type of governing contract and our mandate, we have a database of known and trusted consultants from whom we can select and appoint to essential services and inclusive of -
    • Architectural Services
    • Building Surveying Services
    • Electrical Services
    • Fire Services
    • Hydraulic Services
    • Lift Services
    • Mechanical Services
    • Structural Engineering Services

We are experienced and knowledgeable in the type, formulation, and preparation of the project head contract and inclusive of the appointment of the consultants, the builder, and the project manager; their respective duties and obligations under the contract, and whether such contract is administered by the client, architect, project manager, superintendant, or other individual.

We can offer our services of liaising with the builder and consultants for the express purpose of obtaining the necessary building permit; staged or otherwise.


We fully monitor the construction phase in terms of adherence to timeframe, budget constraint, and quality of workmanship. We ensure that all necessary permits have been procured as and when required, controlled documentation circulated to the intended recipients, statutory directives of whatever nature implemented and followed, correct insurance coverage and certificates of currency for the same are in place, all payment claims checked against work completed, claims for variation validated and approved, and attendance to any other matter relating to the project is handled in an efficient and professional manner.

Post Construction

We ensure that all compliance/warranty certification has been procured and collated, outstanding issues (if applicable) with statutory authorities resolved, and that the certificate of final completion or certificate of occupancy has been procured.

We will also act on behalf of the client relative to matters relating to structural or warranty defects during the tenure of all relevant insurance coverage beyond the construction phase.